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Trips / Enhancement Activities

Enjoying the Wildlife Area - Pond Dipping

Beaulieu Motor Museum Trip - 26.2.2020

Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic day out to Beaulieu Motor Museum on Wednesday 26th February 2020. The children were all really enthusiastic to start learning about our new topic: How Shall We Get There? And the trip was the perfect way to hook them in. During the day, the children had a talk led by a member of Beaulieu staff in the motor museum giving them lots of information on how cars have evolved from when they were first made until now. A particular favourite for many was the car shaped like an orange which was to encourage children to eat more of the fruit; however, don’t try turning a corner too quickly or the car will roll over due to its round shape! Another activity was a ride in Gumdrop a vintage car. This gave children the chance to have an up close look inside a vintage car and see how cars have developed and changed over time. The monorail was a favourite for many of the children as they got to see the park from above and even go through the inside of the museum on the monorail. Caden said “My favourite part of the day was seeing the Onscreen Cars and seeing a green car that had missiles attached to it!”, Hamish said “I really liked the monorail because it was fast”. Reggie, Jake and Mac all agreed with Hamish that the best part of the day was going on the monorail.

Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th February 2020


Fire Service Visits 


Year 2 have been incredibly luckily this week to have Christchurch Fire Service come in twice to visit us. On Wednesday, we were given the opportunity to look at and go inside one of their real fire engines which they drove onto the school playground for us to explore. All the children were very enthusiastic to go through the fire engine, looking at the many pieces of equipment the fire engine needs to carry and learn about how the fire engine is used to help put out fires. On Thursday, we then had John, a member of Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue, come into each of the Year 2 classrooms to talk to us about fire safety and how fire safety has changed since the Great Fire of London. The children were really engaged in learning about how to be safer at home and what they should do if there was a fire.  India B said “my favourite part of the visits was seeing the fire engine and learning about it”, Charlotte said “I really liked going inside the fire engine and seeing the huge scissors which can cut the roof off a car.” And Gabby said “I learnt we need to: get out, stay out and call 999 if there is a fire”. The children have been using their skills as historians to compare the very first fire engines with the modern one that they explored this week.