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Highcliffe St Mark Primary School 

Art, Craft and Design Vision Statement 


Art, Craft and Design

At Highcliffe St Mark Primary School, we aim to develop the children’s visual communication skills in Art and Design as a visual language that expresses their ideas and processes their thoughts.

Our Art and Design curriculum will give the children experience and skills of a wide range of formal elements in art to enhance learning opportunities, enable them to use Art and Design across a range of subjects, be creative and solve problems. We focus on the four areas of: generating ideas (the skills of designing and developing ideas), making (the skills of making in art, craft and design), evaluating (the skills of judgement and evaluation) and knowledge (the knowledge of process and context).

Art and Design is concerned with the creative and aesthetic response to the world around us. We live in a visual world and we believe that the children need experiences in interpreting and inferring meaning from artwork as well as creating their own. The role of Art and Design within the history of human development, of design and innovation and cultural industries is very important. We intend that the children will be inspired and influenced by art history and contemporary art. The children will understand that art is a process of research, experimenting, designing, making and evaluating. The children will use personal experiences, feelings and opinions to inspire creativity. It is understood that art is skilful and it is necessary to learn how to apply techniques into their work.

Art, Craft and Design - Curriculum Overview

Art, Craft and Design - Progression of Skills