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Highcliffe St Mark Primary School

Mathematics Vision Statement 



At Highcliffe St Mark Primary we have a maths culture which fosters an excitement and love of number. A maths mastery approach is taught which is designed to develop a deep understanding of the subject using a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. We have high aspirations for all our children and are responsive to their needs. We ensure time is taken over each new concept so that a deep knowledge is developed that can be sustained. Our aim is for all children to become fluent with their mathematical knowledge so that they can independently reason and problem solve across a range of mathematical contexts. We understand that with practice, if we work hard at maths we can all succeed.

Maths Curriculum Overview

There are a series of videos to help parents to understand how we teach maths skills and concepts in school. You can find these in the video centre on our website 

NRich Problem-Solving School

We are pleased to announce that we have become part of NRich’s Problem Solving Schools’ Programme so that we can nurture future problem-solvers and give them the confidence they need with both familiar and not-so familiar problems. Here is a link to the Problem-Solving Schools’ Charter, which we will be following: The Problem-Solving Schools' Charter (

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