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Highcliffe St Mark Primary School 

Geography Vision Statement 



At Highcliffe St Mark our geography curriculum aims to inspire pupils to become curious, explorative and critical thinkers with a diverse knowledge of the world; in other words, to think like a geographer.

As a school we follow a geography curriculum designed by Kapow Primary. Kapow offers engaging lessons, accessible to all, allowing children to develop the confidence to ask questions, make observations, measure and record data, and analyse and present their findings- all while finding out about the fascinating world around them! Through our scheme of work, adapted for the needs of our children and locality, we hope to provide pupils with the necessary skills to understand that we live in an interconnected world, and to develop a knowledge of the wider world, and their place in it. Along with our curriculum and our valued and committed Eco Council, we hope to encourage our children to become resourceful, active citizens who will have the skills to contribute to and improve the world around them. 


Our geography curriculum encourages a strong focus on developing both geographical skills and knowledge, as well as the development of fieldwork skills across each year group. Here at Highcliffe we pride ourselves on the wealth of knowledge that can be obtained in our school grounds and in our local area and each unit of work includes a specific fieldwork enquiry, making the most of these fantastic resources around us. We aim to develop a deep interest and knowledge of the local area and how it differs from other areas of the world. We also provide opportunities for a growing understanding of geographical concepts, terms and vocabulary.


The knowledge and skills taught are progressive, sequential and transferrable so that by the time the children leave us they have the tools needed for their further education and beyond. We seek to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people which will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Geography - Curriculum Overview

Geography -Progression of Knowledge and Skills Document