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School lunches

Lunchtime Arrangements

Children in our school may go home for lunch, buy a hot, freshly cooked meal or bring a packed lunch. In September 2014 the Government introduced a scheme where a free lunch is provided by the school for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. In our school this is a hot meal provided through our kitchen in partnership with Hampshire County Council Education Catering. Hot meals are served in both the KS1 and KS2 halls. There will not be a free packed lunch option, however, parents will be able to provide a packed lunch for their children if they do not think they would eat a hot meal at lunchtime.


The children eat their packed lunch in the hall. We employ lunchtime assistants to help the children to manage their lunch and to supervise the playground at lunch times. The children have to ask if they can leave the hall which allows our staff to monitor the amount they have eaten. The children are not permitted to share the contents of their lunch box.


The children have at least half an hour to eat their lunch, any food that has not been eaten will be returned in their lunch box. We encourage children to eat a healthy lunch to include items such as a sandwich, pasta salad, wrap, vegetable sticks, yoghurt and fruit.


Please ensure that your child’s lunch box does not contain the following: packets of sweets, chocolate bars e.g. Mars, Milky Way etc. (chocolate biscuits such as Penguins, KitKats are acceptable) or fizzy drinks.


We have children in our school who have severe allergic reactions to nut products and sesame seeds. It is vital that you ensure that your child’s lunch does not contain products with nuts and sesame as an ingredient, e.g. spreads and cereal bars.


We offer a hot meal service through Hampshire County Council Education Catering, the meals are freshly prepared and cooked in our kitchen each day. Younger children are helped to collect their lunch, cut it into smaller pieces and encouraged to eat it all.  We will inform you if your child is leaving the majority of their lunch. The children have a choice of a meat or vegetarian main meal option and the meal includes fresh bread, salad and a choice of pudding. Payments for meals can easily be made online via your scopay account. The hot meals are government funded for KS1 children and cost £2.60 per day for KS2 children.


Food Allergies/ Special Diets

If your child has a food allergy they are still able to have a school dinner, please apply online to Hampshire County Council Education Catering. You will be required to provide medical proof.


Lunchtime Drinks

We try to promote the drinking of water throughout the day and at lunchtimes. However, we recognise that some children do not like water and are therefore they are allowed to bring an alternative drink to have with their lunch. This must however be brought to school in a leak proof bottle. You may prefer to add a plastic beaker to your child’s lunch and water will be provided. As we have a problem with ants in the school in summer, and to also protect our school floors and carpets, we must insist on leak proof drink bottles only being used for any lunchtime drinks.          


Free School Meals

If you are on income support your child may be entitled to a free school meal. If you do qualify for free school meals you also qualify for a uniform grant. If you would like to find out quickly and easily if you qualify please call 01202 123 222 or apply online via the following link: