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Our Beliefs and Values

Our Values

As a school community, our ethos, our actions and our thoughts are underpinned by our core Christian Values of respect, courage and compassion. These golden threads permeate our teaching, our policies and the way that we behave towards each other. These values guide adults in their response to the needs of our children and they support our children in the many choices that they make. Our children learn that these values are not just about attitudes and beliefs about others but are also important for your own sense of self-worth. 

Each term we focus in more depth on each of our core values and children are encouraged to look at their own lives through a core value lens to reflect on their recent thoughts, feelings and actions. We use stories about Jesus and from the Bible to support this:

Compassion: the feeding of the 5000, the heeling of the blind, the Good Samaritan.

Courage: The Wise and Foolish Builders, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, David and Goliath

Respect: The Ten Commandments, Jesus in the Temple, Zacchaeus


Find out more in our values leaflet!

More information about how we help the children to understand our core Christian values can be found in our leaflet below.