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ECO Captains

Eco Action Vision Statement

At Highcliffe St Mark Primary we believe that all students need to develop an awareness from a young age of the environmental issues that affect the world we live in.  Educating the children about caring for our world enables pupils to develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and values to participate in decisions both individually and collectively.  Children are given the opportunity to make their contribution towards the local and global environment in which they live.  To increase this awareness, we create teaching opportunities across the curriculum, support local and national campaigns to help develop their understanding of these issues and most importantly, actively take part in concrete action towards making a positive change.

Our Eco Captains in Year 6 help promote all things green across our school.  They are responsible for driving our campaigns forward, highlighting events across the school, presenting ideas in assembly times and leading our Eco Action meetings.

Eco Captains meet with Mrs Hughes every week and lead a whole school Eco Council meeting once a fortnight.

This year our Eco Captains are: Isabelle, Ben, Layla, Archer, Zahra and Alfie.

If you have any ideas on how we can help our planet, please speak to your Class Eco Representative or a Year 6 Eco Captain.

Thank you.

Fairtrade Fortnight Competition

Can you design a poster to promote Fairtrade?  How about a leaflet to explain what Fairtrade is?

It's up to you!

The winning designs will receive a Fairtrade prize and be displayed in school and published in The Hub.  Hand in to your class teacher.  Closing Date Fri 10th March.


Recycle to Read Campaign

We are collecting batteries to recycle at the school office.  We can exchange the batteries for a voucher to buy some books for school!


Lunchtime Recycling

We have boxes to collect soft plastics in each classroom.  Please put your empty crisp packets and snack bar wrappers in here.  We empty them once a week and the plastics are taken to a local supermarket to be recycled.  You could try this at home - you will be amazed at how much you can collect!  

Please take home any food waste to compost it or to put it in your home food waste bin.  At the moment we do not have this facility at school.  Thank you.


We are trying to make our school literally a "greener" place!  If you have any safe / non-toxic houseplants that we can rehome or nurture a cutting from we would be very grateful.  We want every classroom to have their own plants.  Not only will this make the classroom look nicer, it will also improve the air quality and give us the responsibility of caring for the plants.  Any donations of plants and attractive pots gratefully received.

Switch Off Fortnight

As a result of Switch Off Fortnight we now have energy monitors in each class.  It is everyone's responsibility to turn off lights and equipment when it is not in use.  We are much better at this in classrooms now but we need to think about the communal areas a little bit more.  Let's make this a good habit to get into!  Practise this at home!