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Home Learning

Musical instruments - Home Learning - Due 28.6.24

Everyone has been given a Home Learning Book.  As this book will be going to and from school it is a good idea to cover it.  You can use gift-wrap, stickers, cut out pictures from magazines (maybe linked to our learning!) and then use sticky-back plastic to make it really strong.  Please make sure you put your full name and class on the cover.  It's a great idea to note down your passwords on the last page so that you can always find them.


Bug Club and TTRS  and Mathletics are all ready to use.  We have set a couple of Quests on Mathletics about place value and 100s.  Enjoy re-familiarising yourselves with the websites.

Thank you.


Banded reading books

Please keep these at home at all times except your child's "change-over day", when they will return their book and be issued with a new one, and book mark if appropriate.

We expect your child to read their book a number of times, in order to develop their fluency, which includes automatic word recognition, smoothness, expression, pace and intonation. We want them to "read it like they mean it!" It is also very helpful to ask your child questions about their text, including retrieval questions (what, when, who) and inference questions (looking for clues - why do you think...? how do you know....?)

Even if your child is able to read silently in their head, they should also regularly practise reading aloud to you, to develop their fluency.

If you have any questions about any of this, please email the office.

Each child is in a group with a specific change-over day.