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Phonics Fox

This term we are learning all the alternative graphemes (the way a sound is written) for reading and spelling. 

Each week we will focus on new alternatives as well as revisiting the first grapheme that we learnt for that phoneme (sound). Scroll down to see next week's learning, but so far we have learnt.... 


wh (when, whisper)

oy (toy, boy)

ir (girl, twirl)

ea (head, bread)

ay (away, stay)

a_e (wave, cake)

ou (about, found)

ea (sea, treat)

e_e (eve, Pete, these)

ie (thief, chief)

aw (paw, claw)

au (August, haul)

ie (pie, tie

i_e (time, five)

ph (phone, dolphin)

oe (toe, goes) 

o_e (woke, home)

ue (blue, clue

ew (new, chew

u_e (June, rule)



After half term (Monday 19th February) we will be learning: 


ey (they, prey

a (apron, ableacorn)

e (she, being)

i (wild, find) 

o (no, sofa)

u (music, uniform)