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Phonics Fox

We have now entered Phase Five in our phonics programme!


Children at this stage should already be able to read and spell words with adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and flask. They will also be able to read and spell some polysyllabic words.


In Phase Five, we will learn more graphemes and phonemes. For example, they already know ai as in rain, but now they will be introduced to ay as in day and a-e as in make.

Alternative pronunciations for graphemes will also be introduced, e.g. ea in tea, head and break.


This week (from Monday 8th October) we have learnt:

ay /ai/ - as in may, play, stay

ea /ee/ - as in sea, pea, please,

oy /oi/ - as in boy, toy, enjoy

ie /igh/ - as in tie, pie, lie



Next week (from Monday 15th October) we will be learning:

ue /oo/ - as in blue, clue

e_e /ee/ - as in these, evening, swede

aw /or/ - as in saw, draw, claw