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Phonics Fox

This term we are revisiting all the alternative graphemes (the way a sound is written) for reading and spelling. 

Scroll down to see what we have previously learnt, but next week (Monday 14th May) we will be revising:  

or (tor, born)

aw (paw, claw)

au (August, haul)

e_e (eve, Pete, these)

ir (girl, twirl)

er (germ, paper)

ear (search, early)

or (worm, world)

eer (beer, cheer)

ere (severe, here)

/ar/ (father, calm)



Previously we have learnt: 


wh (when, whisper)

oy (toy, boy)

ir (girl, twirl)

ea (head, bread)

ay (away, stay)

a_e (wave, cake)

ou (about, found)

ea (sea, treat)

e_e (eve, Pete, these)

ie (thief, chief)

aw (paw, claw)

au (August, haul)

ie (pie, tie

i_e (time, five)

ph (phone, dolphin)

oe (toe, goes) 

o_e (woke, home)

ue (blue, clue

ew (new, chew

u_e (June, rule)

ey (they, prey

a (apron, ableacorn)

e (she, being)

i (wild, find) 

o (no, sofa)

u (music, uniform)

y (fry, cry

y (syrup, pyramid) 

y (greedy, puppy)

ch (echo, character)

ch (chef, parachute) 

c (cereal, city, December)

g (giant, huge, magic)

tch (catch, scratch)

dge (bridge, hedge)

mb (comb, lamb, climb)

gn (gnome, design)

kn (know, knock)

wr (write, wrist)

se (choose, noise)

/ar/ (branch, class)

ere (where, there)

ear (pear, bear)

are (square, care)

eer (beer, cheer)

a  (al) /or/ (talk, wall)

our /or/ (four, court)

augh /or/ (taught, daughter)

ou (you, soup)