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Phonics Fox

This term we have revisited lots of alternative graphemes (the way a sound is written) for reading and spelling, scroll down to see what we have previously learnt. 

Now we are now beginning to look more into spelling and word patterns. Next week (from Monday 18th June) we will be learning:  


> Plurals of nouns (boy / boys, fox / foxes).

> 'K' phoneme [letter sound] spelt as 'k' rather than 'c' when before ei and y (Kent, kit, sky).

> 'V' sound at the end of words almost always having a silent 'e' after (live, solve, move).

> Compound words - two words joined together (football, playground)



Previously we have learnt: 


wh (when, whisper)

oy (toy, boy)

ir (girl, twirl)

ea (head, bread)

ay (away, stay)

a_e (wave, cake)

ou (about, found)

ea (sea, treat)

e_e (eve, Pete, these)

ie (thief, chief)

aw (paw, claw)

au (August, haul)

ie (pie, tie

i_e (time, five)

ph (phone, dolphin)

oe (toe, goes) 

o_e (woke, home)

ue (blue, clue

ew (new, chew

u_e (June, rule)

ey (they, prey

a (apron, ableacorn)

e (she, being)

i (wild, find) 

o (no, sofa)

u (music, uniform)

y (fry, cry

y (syrup, pyramid) 

y (greedy, puppy)

ch (echo, character)

ch (chef, parachute) 

c (cereal, city, December)

g (giant, huge, magic)

tch (catch, scratch)

dge (bridge, hedge)

mb (comb, lamb, climb)

gn (gnome, design)

kn (know, knock)

wr (write, wrist)

se (choose, noise)

/ar/ (branch, class)

ere (where, there)

ear (pear, bear)

are (square, care)

eer (beer, cheer)

a  (al) /or/ (talk, wall)

our /or/ (four, court)

augh /or/ (taught, daughter)

ou (you, soup)