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Home Learning

The children have settled well into year 1 and are enjoying being awarded their reading certificates.

To extend their home learning  and to ensure that your child is making the progress that is right for them we have made some suggestions below that are ways that you can help your child to develop their reading skills and number fluency.


Reading Skills


Phoneme Bookmark 

When you are reading with your child, please look at their phoneme bookmark which lists the phonemes they are working on. Can you support them to spot these phonemes in their reading book? Please remind them to say the sound out loud and use their robot arms to help them. 

Tricky Word Bookmark 

Tricky words are the common exception words which cannot be sounded out. Eg. was, said. 

Please support your child by encouraging them to recognize these words, especially those listed on their bookmark. 

Capital Letters 

We are fantastic at recognizing lower case letters and this term we are focusing on capital letters. Encourage your child to be a capital letter detective by supporting them to notice capital letters in their reading and when you are out and about.  


Maths Fluency Practice 


In maths we are working on a variety of targets including: 

-Finding 1 more and 1 less than a number.  

-Adding pairs of numbers or objects to total 5, 10 or 20. 

-Recognising numbers to 20 and forming these numbers correctly.

-Practising our 2 and 5 times tables


Please help your child to practise these at home.