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Stig's Den

This term, we are reading "Stig of the Dump" by Clive King. A young boy, Barney, discovers a mysterious den in an old chalk pit. It's home to Stig, a "cave-boy", who quickly becomes Barney's friend.


Imagine our surprise when, on a routine trip to our woodland area, the Year 4 Eco Reps discovered a "den", tucked away behind some bushes. Full of bric-a-brac, makeshift furniture and pots and pans, it looked remarkably similar to Stig's den. Who might live there? Has Stig come to Highcliffe?


We examined the den closely, using all our senses, to help us write our own setting descriptions.



We have been learning how to write instructional texts. First, we followed a recipe to make chocolate crispy cakes.
We wrote poems about Bonfire Night. To help to inspire us, we used instruments to mimic the sound of different fireworks.