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Week 5 (28th March - 1st April)

This week, our theme is 'Signs of Spring'




This week in phonics we are looking back over the digraphs 'ai' and 'ee'. Our phonics video linked on the previous page will remind you of these sounds.



Here are some pictures. Can you use your robot arms to sound them out? Challenge yourself to write these out and then add sound buttons!

Look at this picture. Can you write a silly sentence?




Warm you brains up by getting your grown up to give you a number between 0 and 10 or 0 and 20. See if you can count forwards to 10 or 20 and backwards to 0 from it. We would love to see a video of you doing this and the activities below on Tapestry!



This week are focusing on ordering quantities. 

See if you can cut the pictures out in the document below. Start with 0 and end with 10 and put them in order. Perhaps you could make it into a number line and add some numbers!


If you don't have access to a printer - Can you find different amounts of items around your house and put them in order on the floor? You could write some numbers to add to it. 


Extra Challenge: Can you choose 2 pictures and put them into a Part, Part, Whole and then a number sentence?



This week, we are looking at eggs hatching for spring. In particular Baby Chicks!


Watch these videos to get you thinking.


This week, we are reading 'Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg' by Mia Posada.


Oh no! Something is hatching from this egg! I wonder what it could be? Can you write what you think might be starting to hatch? Use your doesn't have to be a chick or an animal from the story!




Here are some Spring activity ideas that you can do at home.


  • Go in the garden or look outside - Look for signs of Spring. Can you draw and label a picture of what you can see? What is happening to the trees?


  • Daffodils - See if you can draw a daffodil. You might have some in your garden or home. If not, use technology to search for a picture. Focus on the line drawing rather than the colour. 



  • Use items from around the house to make a chick hatching from an egg. Here are some ideas.