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Week 4 (21st March - 24th March)

This week, we are continuing with the theme of Dinosaurs.



This week in phonics we are looking back over the digraphs 'th' and 'ng'. Our phonics video linked above will remind you of these sounds.


Here are some pictures. Can you use your robot arms to sound them out? Challenge yourself to write these out and then add sound buttons!



Here are some funny pictures. Can you write a short sentence about what you can see?



Warm your brains up by trying to subitise the amounts in this video:

Subitising means that our brains see an amount without counting.


This week, we are starting to look at subtraction. Listen and join along to this song. What happens to number of currant buns when someone buys 1?


Now listen to this song? Does the amount of people get 1 more or 1 less each time?


Challenge: Can you find 10 toys and make your own song. Don't forget, when you take 1 away each time, the number will become 1 less. Can you write a number sentence for this?


Numberblocks episode:

Literacy and Topic


This week our story is Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus By Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees.


Here is a link to watch it:


After listening to the story, have a think about where a dinosaur might live. We call this a habitat. Have a go at drawing or making your own dinosaur habitat. Can you label or write about all the different features? You might like to include rocks, mud, rivers or even volcanoes! 


Friday Science Challenge - Capacity


Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs:


Can you think of different ways to fill a bucket or container until it can't hold any more?


Estimate (have a guess) how many cups of water it will take to fill a bucket or container.


Can you make a bucket or container 

  • Full
  • Empty
  • Half full / half empty
  • Nearly full
  • Nearly empty