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Summer term week 3 (9th May)

This week we are focusing on the traditional tale of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'



This week we are focusing on the 'ar' (car) and 'or' (born) sounds. 

Can you find any items around your house with the 'ar'/'or' sound in?

Can you spot any words in your bedtime stories with the 'ar'/'or' sound in?

Play our class favourite 'Buried Treasure' with the 'ar'/'or' sound.

Buried Treasure (

Have a go at writing these sentences.

-The car went into the park.

-I had a fork for my corn.



This week we are looking at odd and even numbers.


@Numberblocks- Odds & Evens | Learn to Count - YouTube


Can you have a go at collection 10 items. Then using your items count out a number 1-10 and then decide where it is an odd or an even number? E.g. count out three items, is three odd or even?


Can you go for a walk and looking at the house numbers you walk passed are they odd or even?


A quick game to play based on odd and even numbers. 

Coconut Odd or Even - Topmarks



Watch this video of the story about Goldilocks or if you have a copy of the book then share the story as a family.

Can you draw a story map of what happens during the adventures of Goldilocks?

Please see attachment for ideas.


Poor Goldilocks only wanted to find somewhere comfortable to sit but ended up breaking Baby Bears Chair.  Can you design and build a chair for Goldilocks? It must be big enough, comfortable and strong.


Story Map