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Summer Term week 1 and 2 (25th April and 3rd May)


Over the next two weeks we will be focusing on the sounds igh, ow, oo (short sound) and oo (long sound). Ask the children to find items around the house that have one of these sounds (focus on one sound at a time) maybe make this into a scavenger hunt game.


Have a go at this phonics game

Buried Treasure (


Have a go together at reading and writing these sentence. 

At night the lights are off.

The brown cow was in town.

It is good to look at a book. 

The spoon is jumping on the moon. 



Recap counting forwards and backwards up to 20.

Can you draw a number bonds to 10 rainbow? 

number bonds to 10 rainbow - Bing images



The magic beans that Jack throws out of the window grows into a giant beanstalk. Can you find something in your garden to measure? You could use a ruler or some building blocks. Can you find something small and something taller?



Jack has 9 magic beans and three pots that he needs to share them into equally.  How many beans will be in each pot?

Make this activity as practical as possible using raisins, sweets or real seeds/bean and keep change the amounts and sharing pots so children get used the to concept of sharing something into equal group. 



During the next two weeks will are focusing on growing and linking it to the well known traditional tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and the story 'Jaspers Beanstalk'.

Please have a go at some of the activities below and share the outcomes on tapestry. 


In the garden can you create some natural art out of the twigs and leave that you can find?

What kind of tools do you have in the garden? What are they used for?

Can you have a go at growing something? Write or draw out the instructions for planting a seed/bulb/bedding plant.

When Jack gets to the top of the Beanstalk he comes across the Giants castle.  What would be a t the top of your Beanstalk? Draw or write what you would find. 


Links to the stories 

The Story of Jack and The Beanstalk - Fairy Tales for Kids - YouTube

Jasper's Beanstalk - YouTube