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Something Special Just For Your Children

Year 4 - The movie

Schools out for Summer!

Poem and Dance

When September comes....

I normally whistle while I work....I was caught singing last night.....



The Most Magnificent Thing

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (featuring a Mr Morgan classic joke)

The Book of Mistakes

Another fab Growth Mindset story. This one is all about your powerful imagination! There's a second video to explain one of the illustrations......It's worth watching to see of you've spotted what's going on in the pictures.

The Book of Mistakes 2

My mistake was that I didn't manage to film the pictures very well. There were some very hidden clues. This is a closer look at one of the illustrations......
I manage to make another mistake by dropping the book while I'm filming too! Oops! I know you won't mind though!

Mini Beast Quiz

Enjoy guessing which mini beast I am describing.

Kingfisher Jokes 2

What do you do with an idea?

What Do You Do With A Chance

What Do You Do With A Problem?

Kaspar by Michael Morpurgo

Well done to Avi for listening to the whole book....well not quite the whole book.  Somehow we'd managed to miss out a chapter!  The penultimate chapter - Chapter 9!! Luckily I hadn't deleted my recording so this will go on today!  Good spot!

Kaspar Chapter 1

Kaspar Chapter 2

Kaspar Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Kaspar Chapter 5

Kaspar Chapter 6

Kaspar Chapter 7

Kaspar Chapter 8

Kaspar Chapter 9

Kaspar Chapter 10

Kaspar Postscript from Michael Morpurgo

Titanic 1

Great book on the Titanic!

Titanic 2

Titanic 3

Titanic 4

Family Titanic Quiz

Family Quiz - 8 Questions in Total

VE Day

This is a letter from the war written by Charlie's Great Great Grandmother.  

We hope you were able to mark VE Day in some way with your families.

Real history
A transcript

Mrs Simmons Reading

Your Mind Is Like The Sky - Bronwen Ballard - Read by Mrs Hughes

Kingfishers Jokes