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Magical Maths

Dear parents,


Magical Maths


We love maths! The Foundation Stage is an exciting time when children develop their understanding of number and quantity. We have been thinking of new ways of supporting the children as they gain confidence using their mathematical skills and are pleased to announce the newest innovation – ‘Magical Maths’.


Magical Maths bags contain games that you can borrow to play together at home. Each class will have 5 games that we will lend out on a weekly basis. They will be given out on a Thursday and be collected back in on a Tuesday.


We are hoping that the games on offer will be able to help your child to practise the skills and vocabulary of addition, subtraction, number and order in a fun and engaging way. The games additionally encourage turn taking and cooperation, important elements of your child’s personal, social and emotional development.


We are very much looking forward to the launch of Magical Maths. Maybe, when it is your family’s turn to borrow a game you might want to go ‘Tapestry-Tastic’ and add an observation to your child’s learning journey. We’d love to see you playing the game together and find out how brilliantly your child was able to use mathematical words and concepts. Don’t forget that your contributions and observations are used to see how your child is progressing towards the Early Learning Goals for Foundation.


If you have any questions please ask your class teacher.


Keep counting!


The Foundation Team