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LPPA award

Leading Parent Partnership Award                                                 

The leading parent partnership award is a nationally recognised award which is achieved by schools who work closely with the parents and carers of their children. It is a portfolio, evidence based award that, when completed, demonstrates our commitment at Highcliffe St Mark Primary School to working with and alongside our parents and carers.

We began working towards achieving the award in the Autumn term 2016 and achieved the award in the autumn term 2017. We were able to share evidence against all 10 of the LPPA objectives.

Objective 1: Commitment

We are committed to working with parents, staff, governors, pupils/students and outside agencies to develop strong and permanent parent partnerships.

Objective 2: Planning

We demonstrate effective leadership, management and organisation of parent partnership.

Objective 3: Welcome and communications

We are committed to making our school a communicative and parent-friendly place.

Objective 4: Lifelong learning for parents and carers

We encourage parents in adult and family learning.

Objective 5: Enrichment activities – joint parent and child learning

We engage parents and their children in learning together.

Objective 6: Induction

We provide effective induction support for parents when their children are new to the school.

Objective 7: Information and guidance

We enable parents and carers to support their children’s learning.

Objective 8: Policies

We have family-friendly policies and communication strategies to support children’s learning and development.

Objective 9: Transition

We provide effective support for parents on their children’s transition to the next stage of learning.

Objective 10: Evaluation

We plan to monitor, evaluate and further develop our parent partnership


The award looks at how well we work with parents/carers, how welcoming our school is, and how we support parents in helping their child to learn. We ask for your thoughts on these topics through our questionnaire and in our parent coffee mornings. Thank you to those who continue to share their views in these forums. Your views are helping to shape the future of how we communicate with you.

We aim to make even more improvements to the way we communicate with parents/carers and the community, to support parents/carers and children to extend their learning and to encourage greater input and more involvement of parents in school life.

You can find out more about the LPPA by visiting their website:

You can read the full report from our assessor here!