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Leeson Photos 5th-7th February

And this is Corfe Castle in the sunshine...
Their Royal Highnesses
A room with a view
How many more can we cram in?
Oh dear
Oh dear, oh dear
Oh dear...
The replacement crew for the ones in the stocks
And one for counting the sheep tonight zzz
On guard
The long walk
Food, glorious food
A little morning exercise - bursting with energy!
The other way to start the day!
Lift your feet! Which one??
The south-west coast of the Isle of Wight
Yummy lunch
Let's see what we can catch
A Caddisfly Larvae - look up more information!
How much rain does run off a tree??
Spot the difference!
So, where are the newts?
The backdrop for our off-site orienteering
That's a new use for a compass!
What a view!