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Learning Plan- if your child is learning from home for 1-3 weeks

If your child is learning from home this week, you can find links to English and Maths activities below. Start with lesson 1 even if your child is beginning their learning from home part way through the week. 

Year 4 – Week 3

English – The Borrowers (2)

Lesson 1 – To analyse and interpret a setting description from an extract

Lesson 2 – To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes -ary/-ery

Lesson 3 – To plan the opening

Lesson 4 – To write the opening

Lesson 5 – To practise speech with punctuation


Maths – Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 1 – Deriving addition and subtraction facts

Lesson 2 – Deriving addition and subtraction facts by using given calculations

Lesson 3 – Choosing appropriate addition strategies

Lesson 4 – Choosing appropriate subtraction strategies

Lesson 5 – Applying and consolidating: Related number facts and appropriate strategies