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Learning Plan

Don't forget to use the class emails if your child is finding the learning tricky. Teachers can offer advice but won't be able to mark in the way they would do at school. They do however, love to see what your children have achieved and getting a 'well done' from their teacher can be motivating for children so do please send photos or examples of learning to them. Teachers are there to help and will answer your emails up to 2 times per week.


*Good News - teachers are now taking turns to upload a short video to watch at the start of the week to hopefully motivate children to complete learning at home! You can find this in the resources star.

*look out for starred activities - teachers would really like you to send in via email this piece of learning once completed for feedback.


We are setting different Mathletics activities each week.  Once you have completed these you can go on any of the other parts of the Mathletics website.  If you have found one of the tasks challenging, sometimes we will get you to have another go and see if you can improve on your score.  Remember to use the help button (?) as it will give you some good tips!

It's great to see so many of you completing ALL the tasks!! WELL DONE!!

WOWSERS!!  If you earn a certificate we will be able to email it to you!!  You will have to have emailed the class email address, otherwise we won't have your contact details!  

Last Week of The Year - our plan this week includes some fun activities for the family and some ideas to keep the basics going over the summer holidays.