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Learning From Home Photos

It is lovely to receive your photos and pictures!  Thank you! yes

Can you spot any of your learning and fun activities?

I've managed to upload a couple of videos (I had to really persevere with this!!)  I've only uploaded ones without photos of you on them.

It's really exciting to see what you have been getting up to.  Keep them coming!

Video_1 (1).mov

Still image for this video

Titanic Video

Still image for this video
It's only taken me almost all of lockdown BUT I've finally worked out how to do it!!

Beach Safety Video

Still image for this video
Really important messages if you are able to safely get to the beach with your family.


It's never too late to send in the photo!


Word Classes / Parts of Speech
In the style of Romero Britto
We need to look after each other too.
Be the change that you wish to see in the world
I want a sunny happy world!
Work in progress
We all need to change!
Heal the world
More parts of speech

Environmental Art with an Environmental Message 22.06.20

What could we use?
 Mixing ideas - Romero Britto & Andy Goldsworthy
Any colour?
The world as a protective nest for us to live in
We need to change!!
A beautiful world
Our "green" message
...if you want it to be a better place
Art on the beach
Ideas to help the planet!
Rainbow colours!
Is this symmetrical?  Double check....
Using fun things to learn
Maths and Science and Art!
Minibeast symmetry
What are we doing with these?
Has anything happened yet?
Using things at home to help with Maths.
How eco are you?
Sail away with me!
Great dots!
French pointillism of a famous landmark
Sunlight coming through the leaves.
We used cotton buds instead of fingers.
Adding apples.
It was harder than we thought.
We're dotty....
Still experimenting with dots!
The cherry on the cake!
Save the planet.
Making posters, this one eats rubbish!
Caring for our world.
Science poster.
Don't forget TT Rockstars too!
Another game inspired by.....
This is in the style of Van Gogh.
This was a lovely surprise.
I can't make the video upload....
Minecraft pointillism - it's all pixels to me!
Lovely art work.
Rainbows for our keyworkers.
Which famous artist paints like this?
Rainbow craft.
In the style of Georgia O'Keefe
My Withey's challenge!  I want to buy one!!!
Natural Art and Maths in school on Tuesday.
Can you work out the fractions?
Are all the parts equal?
More maths.....
We also learnt the names of the trees.
Nutty Professor
Oscar's Natural Art
Shake a tail-feather!
Seb's bunny
Read all about it!
Natural art
A "Titanic" report
Fancy a holiday?
Yummy creative learning!
Trying out different art
What are we making?
Can you guess what it is yet?
Did you save me a slice?
More journalism.
Helping the wildlife.
A different science experiment.
An excellent newspaper report.
Did you eat your picture afterwards?
A beautiful watercolour.
From tiny seeds......
It's still chilly at night for small plants
Dig for Victory!
Watch out for Peter Rabbit!
We need bugs in our gardens too!
Science ear defenders!
Learning to tie shoelaces and helping his sister!
A giant "Titanic" poster!!
Science and topic and FUN!
Freeze-frame animations too!
Computing, topic and English skills!
Delicious Dig For Victory Soup!
Wartime poster
Fantastic book ideas when we're back!
Great front cover, I want to read on....
Planning a character.
Growing butterflies!
More stories...keep them coming!
A happy story?
Our new topic.
Food Glorious Food!
Which menu is tastier?
Book blurbs.
What will happen in this story?
Natural art.
Creative clay.
Anderson Shelter
Musical craft!