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Learning From Home Photos

It is lovely to receive your photos and pictures!  Thank you! yes

Can you spot any of your learning and fun activities?

It's really exciting to see what you have been getting up to.

Picture 1 In the style of Georgia O'Keefe
Picture 2 My Withey's challenge! I want to buy one!!!
Picture 3 Natural Art and Maths in school on Tuesday.
Picture 4 Can you work out the fractions?
Picture 5 Are all the parts equal?
Picture 6 More maths.....
Picture 7 We also learnt the names of the trees.
Picture 8
Picture 9 Nutty Professor
Picture 10 Oscar's Natural Art
Picture 11 Shake a tail-feather!
Picture 12 Seb's bunny
Picture 13
Picture 14 Read all about it!
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17 Natural art
Picture 18 A "Titanic" report
Picture 19 Wow!
Picture 20 Fancy a holiday?
Picture 21 Yummy creative learning!
Picture 22 Trying out different art
Picture 23 What are we making?
Picture 24 Can you guess what it is yet?
Picture 25 Did you save me a slice?
Picture 26 More journalism.
Picture 27 Helping the wildlife.
Picture 28 A different science experiment.
Picture 1
Picture 2 An excellent newspaper report.
Picture 3 Did you eat your picture afterwards?
Picture 4 A beautiful watercolour.
Picture 5 From tiny seeds......
Picture 6 It's still chilly at night for small plants
Picture 7 Dig for Victory!
Picture 8 Watch out for Peter Rabbit!
Picture 9 We need bugs in our gardens too!
Picture 10 Science ear defenders!
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 1 Learning to tie shoelaces and helping his sister!
Picture 2 A giant "Titanic" poster!!
Picture 3 Science and topic and FUN!
Picture 4 Freeze-frame animations too!
Picture 5 Computing, topic and English skills!
Picture 6 Delicious Dig For Victory Soup!
Picture 7 Wartime poster
Picture 8 Fantastic book ideas when we're back!
Picture 9 Great front cover, I want to read on....
Picture 10 Planning a character.
Picture 11 Growing butterflies!
Picture 12 More stories...keep them coming!
Picture 13 A happy story?
Picture 14 Our new topic.
Picture 15 Food Glorious Food!
Picture 16 Which menu is tastier?
Picture 17 Eyecatching!
Picture 18 Experiments.
Picture 19 Book blurbs.
Picture 20 What will happen in this story?
Picture 21 Natural art.
Picture 22 Creative clay.
Picture 23 Anderson Shelter
Picture 24 Musical craft!
Picture 25
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2