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Learning Plan- if your child is learning from home for 1-3 weeks

If your child is learning from home this week, you can find links to English and Maths activities below. Start with lesson 1 even if your child is beginning their learning from home part way through the week. 

week 3

English- How to defeat the fire giants (1)

Lesson 1- to listen to instructions and answer questions


Lesson 2- to tell a set of instructions from memory


Lesson 3- to use imperative verbs


Lesson 4- to use subordinating conjunctions ‘when’ and ‘if’


Lesson 5- to summarise key points


Maths- Numbers within 100 (3)


Lesson 11- practising finding one more and one fewer and ten more and ten fewer


Lesson 12- identifying number patterns


Lesson 13- exploring odd and even numbers (part 1)


Lesson 14- exploring odd and even numbers (part 2)


Lesson 15- revisiting numbers within 100