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Learning from home for children who are isolating

English – Portia Spiders (2) – Non-Chronological Reports

Lesson 1 – To develop vocabulary to describe the Portia Spider


Lesson 2 - To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes: Plural, including a test


Lesson 3 - To plan the first section of a report


Lesson 4 - To write the opening to a report


Lesson 5 - To write compound sentences for a non-chronological report


Maths – Multiplication and Division (1)

Lesson 1 – Recalling the 3 times table


Lesson 2 – Recalling the 4 times table


Lesson 3 – Using arrays to represent the 3 and 4 times table


Lesson 4 – Understanding multiplication can be completed in any order


Lesson 5 – Using bar models to represent known times tables