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Learning from home for children who are isolating

English – Persuasion: Why you should never light fires in a dry forest (1)

Lesson 1- To box up for purpose


Lesson 2- To identify persuasive language features


Lesson 3- To write a persuasive speech (Part 1)


Lesson 4- To write a persuasive speech (Part 2)


Lesson 5- To write a persuasive speech (Part 3)  



Maths- Multiplication and Division: 2, 5, 10 (2)

Lesson 1- Solving division problems when grouping


Lesson 2- Finding related multiplication and division facts


Lesson 3- Calculating multiplications of two by skip counting


Lesson 4- Solving multiplication of word problems: Table of two


Lesson 5- Solving multiplication word problems: Table of five


Phonics lessons that review Phases 4 and 5

 Lesson 1- Review ea- bread

Lesson 2 –Review ir – bird

Lesson 3- Review ou-cloud

Lesson 4- Review oy-toy

Lesson 5 Review of the week