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Learning from home (after 8th March)

English – Portia Spiders (1) – Non-Chronological Report

Lesson 1 – To identify features of a non-chronological report

Lesson 2 - To investigate suffixes: Plurals

Lesson 3 -  To revise compound sentences

Lesson 4 - To learn about the Portia Spider

Lesson 5 - To develop a rich understanding of words associated with the jungle (Part 1)


Maths: Length and Perimeter (2)

Lesson 6- To calculate perimeter of 2D shapes in mixed units

Lesson 7-Measuring and comparing length in mixed units (cm and mm)

Lesson 8- Calculating the perimeter of shapes in m and cm

Lesson 9- Applying problem solving strategies to length

Lesson 10- Length and perimeter application lesson


Length and Perimeter (1)