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Dear Blackbirds....

Hello from Miss Tyrer

Dear Blackbirds,

I am so happy to be looking after the Blackbirds' learning at home, now that Mrs Oakley has had her baby. It was lovely to get to know most of you in the two weeks before we finished at school. You are such a great class!

I've been teaching at Highcliffe St Mark for about 5 years and I know quite a few of you have older brothers and sisters who I have taught too. Before then, my own daughters were pupils at our school, but now they are older they attend Highcliffe Secondary School. They are learning at home, just like you. We try to do PE with Joe Wicks live every morning. I wonder if you do? 

I took the photo yesterday on our daily walk at Steamer Point above Highcliffe beach, near to where we live. I love the fresh air and walking (or even jogging!) on the beach. If you see me, make sure you give me a big wave.

I have loved looking at the photos you've sent in doing your activities. You're doing a great job and remember to drop me an email when you've done something you're proud of or if you're stuck or a weblink doesn't work. I will try my best to help.

With best wishes,

Miss Tyrer