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Hi my name is Isabella. I like Boccia.  Boccia is a fun game with two teams.


Boccia is like Boules: each player has two balls and they try to get it as close to the white ball as possible.  The white ball is called the Jack and the white ball is rolled first.  You can roll the ball by hand or with a ramp.  On Thursday the 1st November, Joshua G, Layla W and I went to a Boccia Tournament in Wimborne at QE school.  My mum and Mrs Fooks came with us and we had a day off school. YEAH!  There were 23 other schools which made 24 schools in total. We played 5 matches on our first match we won by 7 points and our biggest win was eleven to zero. We also won four matches but we lost our last round. We had a great day and we hope you have a chance to play boccia at our school one day.