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Science Day at Twynham School

On Thursday, 8 children from Year 3, 4 and 5 attended a science day at Twynham School. The day was broken into 2 sessions; Year 3 and then Years 4 and 5 together.
Please see the photos above of Year 3. The children used universal indicator to determine whether various household liquids were acid or alkaline. They also used microscopes to look at slides of different insects. In the second activity they made mini rockets and after having mixed two chemicals together, they watched their rockets shoot up into the air - sometimes as high as a metre! This seemed to be the favourite of all the activities from the morning. The children's comments were, "The tricky part was putting the chemicals together quickly before it exploded" and "I thought the rockets were the best because they kept exploding and you had to turn it over fast!"
The photos below show what excitement the afternoon session had in store! The children in Years 4 and 5 became investigators and had to solve a crime. There were 4 suspects and they had to use the evidence provided to find the perpetrator. They used a range of techniques including cartography to establish which pen had been used to write the ransom note. They used a Bunsen Burner to analyse soil samples found at the crime scene. Fingerprint analysis was also used and determined whose fingerprints were on the envelope containing the note. Finally they decided on a suspect and were proved to be correct! Comments on the afternoon session were, "I enjoyed seeing the amazing colours when we used the Bunsen Burners" and "I liked seeing the water change colour when we tested if it was acid or alkaline".