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We having been learning about Mexican food. We followed recipes and made guacamole, a tomato salsa and a non-alcoholic sangria. Later in the day, we enjoyed tasting our dishes. Delicioso!

Here are the recipes we used if you want to make them at home! Scroll down to find some photos too.

Barn Owls Mexican Cookery

Our new topic this term in Mexico! We had a surprise when a mysterious suitcase arrived in our classrooms. We had to find out where it had come from and who it belonged to. The objects in the case gave us lots of clues, but we had lots of questions too....
Picture 1
We finally discovered the suitcase belonged to Miss Tyrer (her passport was a big clue!). She used to be a Producer at the BBC and made a TV series about Mexico in 2003!

In science, we made models of the human digestive system