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Our Letters and Sounds Learning

Our Letters and Sounds Learning


Our current focus: 

We continue to work on phase 1 letters and sounds skills such as rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, sound discriminaton and oral segmenting and blending (sound talking).

We have also started our phase 2 letters and sounds learning.

The phonemes we are learning this week are: l, ll, ss

The phonemes that we have already learnt are: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff

For each phoneme we look at the corresponding grapheme (including the cursive formation) and we learn the Jolly Phonics actions and songs (see link below for these).


We have started to introduce our phase 2 tricky words. So far we have learnt: the, to, I, no, go 


These websites below have some games to help your children with Phase 1 and 2 Letters and Sounds: (Jolly Phonics songs)


Glossary of phonics terms:

Sound talking is when you say each sound in a word separately like a robot might i.e. h - o - p . The children are encouraged to blend the word together to find out what the word is and, in this case, show they understand by doing the action!

Phonemes are the sounds that letters make. I.e. the letter s makes the sound sss

Graphemes are the way in which the phoneme is represented i.e. the written letter

Segmenting is when you sound out a word by reading the graphemes i.e. m-u-d

Blending is when you put the sounds back together to read the word i.e. m-u-d = mud

Tricky words are words which cannot be decoded therefore we cannot sound them out- they just have to be learnt by sight

Digraphs are two letters that make one sound i.e. sh and ar in sh-ar-k

Trigraphs are three letters that make one sound i.e. igh in n-igh-t

Cursive writing is the handwriting style in which we learn to write.  It has feeder and leader lines on each letter in order to join up to other letters